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Fundraising Regulation and FPS

Following a review of fundraising regulation led by Sir Stuart Etherington of NCVO, there are proposals to change the way in which fundraising is overseen in the UK. The full review can be downloaded here.

Small Charities Coalition and Institute of Fundraising Forum and Survey

In response, the Small Charities Coalition and the Institute of Fundraising  
conducted a joint survey to get the views of smaller charities on the proposals recommended in the review. The results were discussed at a joint forum and an executive summary and full report can be downloaded here .

The Forum was held on 4 February. This event gave small charities the opportunity to raise the main issues surrounding potential changes to fundraising regulation directly with the CEO of the new regulator Stephen Dunmore and the Chair of the Fundraising Preference Service working group, George Kidd.

Thanks to Be Inspired Films, the event was live streamed and can be viewed here

Following initial addresses by Stephen Dunmore and George Kidd, attendees participated in discussion groups to raise their questions and concerns, and the key points can be read here .

Response to Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) Discussion Paper

On 1 March the FPS Working Group invited feedback on the scope of the FPS service. The Small Charities Coalition response builds on the concerns from members about fundraising reforms and the FPS raised in the joint survey and forum with Institute of Fundraising. The report is available to download here.

Ongoing Engagement

We are committed to consulting with our members on the fundraising regulation in order to represent their views, and will continue to provide updates as further details unfold.


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