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Mentoring for small charities

If you are a small charity assigned a mentor, we will match you with someone that has the experience and knowledge you need.

The match can be anything from a one-off phone call to a 3-month relationship where you are guided through a particular problem, challenge or period of transition.

What kind of things can I get a mentor for?

Our programme aims to be flexible and adaptable to your charity’s specific needs, even if your need is that you don’t know what you need. Examples of situations for which you might want a mentor include wading through a governance issue, building and implementing a business plan or rolling out a new service. But we’re pretty well connected so let your imagination go wild.

How does it work?

Support either comes from a fellow small charity or from an individual volunteering their time and expertise.

Matches could simply be a one-off phone call or continue up to 3 months.

Mentoring can be remote or face-to-face (technology is pretty good for this nowadays).

The service is based on charities helping and supporting each other. That is why we ask all charities receiving help to be willing to share their skills & knowledge with another small charity in return.

Why should I use this mentoring service?

Our free skills sharing and mentoring service allows you to get things done with the help and support of someone who has been there and done it before. The benefits of skills sharing and mentoring include:

Learning new skills

Supporting  your needs

Building your confidence

Getting fresh perspectives

Developing your contacts and networks

Reassurance that you are headed in the right direction

It's free!

What are the next steps?

Now that you are thinking about signing up for a mentor, you should consider a few things:

Is having a mentor right for you?

We try to make the mentoring service as flexible as possible so that it works for small charities in all circumstances. If you want to be matched with a mentor, you should be ready to:

Dedicate time
For your match to work, you will need to set-aside time. Do have a think if this is feasible before submitting your request.

Make use of the support
We try to match you with the right person to advise you in your work. Your commitment will be vital in seeing the  match through and put their advice into action.

Help one another

This service shows how charities can support each other. One of our favourite things about the scheme is that often mentees become mentors and share their experiences. So we might ask you to share your skills and knowledge with another small charity at some point.

When you’re ready to get help from the skills sharing and mentoring service, click on sign up. If you have any further questions please email [email protected]



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