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Small Charities Coalition is a national umbrella and capacity-building organisation with over 7,000 members UK-wide.

We exist to help trustees, staff and volunteers of small charities access the skills, tools, and information they need to get going and do what they do best. We do this by:

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Providing skills matching services to build skills and improve confidence.

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Providing access to information and resources via our website, monthly bulletin and social media.

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Working in collaboration with other organisations to broker free and affordable training.

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Offering an email and telephone support service.

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Facilitating trustee recruitment opportunities via our Trustee Finder service and speed-recruiting events.

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Providing a voice for and representation of small charities at a national level.


We define a small charity as any UK charitable organisation with an annual income of less than 1million.

That's 97% of registered charities, which is an incredible 160,000, and thousands more micro charities that are too small to register.

We're about building effective and lasting relationships with people and organisations from all sectors so that together we can lend a helping hand and allow the thousands of small charities across the UK to reach their full potential.

In the wider sector we listen to, respond and represent the needs of small charities so that the world they operate in works to support them.

Through our personalised services we aim to get the right people talking to each other. We believe that by building these bonds and spreading the resources and skill sets through free advice, affordable training and other useful services, many small charities can really thrive.

It's this ethos that allows the Small Charities Coalition to really empower small charities to provide core services that tackle those rare diseases, combat those difficult social issues and address those neglected causes.

That's where our work really makes a difference.

To get a better sense of our work please watch this short video...

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