How it works for your staff...

  • Staff members will need to go onto our website and sign up through our supporters’ registration survey.

  • Here they provide us with personal details and information on the skills and experience they have, and would like to share with small charities.

  • We use this information to match them to a small charity, based on (but not limited to) geographical location, level of expertise and personal requirements.

  • We normally find a small charity in need of a staff member’s skills within three months (but usually much sooner) and facilitate an initial discussion between them and the small charity.

  • The match may address a particular issue, or continue with a more in-depth relationship that develops into a mentoring or coaching role.

  • Depending on the nature of the problem and initial discussions had, matches can last anywhere between two weeks and six months, or ongoing if they and the charity would like support to continue.

Support is at hand from Small Charities Coalition staff, and we will keep in touch with both staff member and charity throughout the match. All conversations are treated in the strictest of confidence.

Once staff members and their charities feel their objectives have been achieved we will evaluate the match.

If staff members are happy to continue, we’d be delighted to match them again. Equally they are free to continue their support for their small charity in a mentoring and/or coaching capacity. They may even decide to become a Trustee of that charity.

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