The Small Charities Coalition has now closed its services


The Small Charities Coalition (SCC) sadly announced last year that we would be closing on 31st March 2022.  The FSI (the Foundation for Social Improvement) and NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) have come together to provide a home for the SCC Helpdesk and other key services. You can read more about the transfer and what it means here.


The transfer is now complete. This means you will still be able to access vital help and support for your charity. Amy Walton has moved over to NCVO to continue to answer your queries which you can send via the normal contact details for the SCC. 


You can also send any queries to the team at NCVO via Email is the best way to get in touch for now but if you prefer to use the phone please call 0207 520 2552.

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As we have moved the HelpDesk, you'll need to opt in to keep hearing from us via email.

Just like SCC, the FSI and NCVO send information which aims to keep small charities updated and supported. To make sure that you don't miss out, you'll need to opt in to hear from NCVO and FSI about the HelpDesk and other support and services for small charities.

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Thank you.

Small charities keep our communities going. We make life easier for them by supporting staff and volunteers to access the tools and information they need.