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How your organisation can help small charities

If you want to get your wider organisation involved in mentoring for small charities, you can facilitate your staff to become mentors themselves. The official term for this is ‘employer-supported volunteering’ and our programme is a tried and tested (and did we mention free) way for you to facilitate this. We should highlight that small charities are always at the heart of what we do so there’s no fixed timeline on when we might be able to make the perfect match. 

For a more general conversation about helping your organisation to support small charities, you can email our Partnerships Manager, Stuart at [email protected]

How does it work?

Each staff member that wants to become a mentor will sign up as a supporter of the Small Charities Coalition. When they sign up they will provide details about their skills. We will then match your staff with a small charity that needs the specific skills they have, whether this is finance, digital, marketing or writing a business strategy.

Depending on what challenge is facing the small charity, your match could be anything from a one-off phone call to a three-month relationship with the charity.

Contact us for opportunities

For a more general conversation about helping your organisation to support small charities, you can email our Partnerships Manager, Stuart at [email protected]

What are the benefits for staff?

By committing your organisation and its staff to helping small charities by becoming mentors, they will gain personal and professional development which in turn will add value to your organisation.

Benefits include:

Development of new skills through knowledge sharing

The opportunity to enhance existing professional skills and gain further experience by using them in a new area or in a different way

Improved self-confidence through advising and supporting others

If they also choose to become a trustee, there may be an opportunity to be involved in the strategic management of an organisation

They will also develop personally and professionally through:

Hands on mentoring and coaching experience

The opportunity to satisfy specific development competencies, which may be unavailable elsewhere

The opportunity to build and improve management and leadership skills

Working creatively and innovatively, by adapting existing skills and knowledge to different cultural and organisational requirements

What are the benefits for the organisation?

Improved experience, skills and knowledge base, leading to innovative thinking and stronger management/leadership

Opportunity to enhance corporate social responsibility and give something back to the community

Increased staff satisfaction, loyalty and engagement which can impact productivity

Enrich your organisations reputation through external recognition as a leader in staff development and cooperation

Providing added value to existing and potential clients and employees can set you apart from the rest


Want to sign your organisation up as a mentor for small charities? Contact us on [email protected]

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