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At any time, spending vital funds on staff training is a tough sell, but ensuring your staff can apply their learning in a challenging environment can be a key factor in getting your organisation to realise the benefits of time spent in this vital area of organisational development.

By joining the Small Charities Coalition as a supporter we can offer your staff a free matchmaking service, matching their skills to small charities' needs, thus providing personal and professional development which will enhance your organisation. Read on to discover the benefits to both staff and the organisation.

It makes absolute sense that large charities who have more resources than smaller charities can supply and provide that support and advice to small charities. It's also a fantastic opportunity for their staff as well because they can go and do coaching and mentoring and maybe even go on to be trustees, it's that whole principle of shared learning between a community of small charities.closing speech marks

Henny Braund, Anthony Nolan Trust

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