The benefits...

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Employer-supported volunteering has a host of benefits for the individual staff members, including:

  • Development of new skills through knowledge sharing

  • The opportunity to enhance existing professional skills and gain further experience by using them in a new area or in a different way

  • Improved self-confidence through advising and supporting others

  • If they also choose to become a trustee, there may be an opportunity to be involved in the strategic management of an organisation

Personal and professional development areas to consider:

  • Hands on mentoring and coaching experience

  • The opportunity to satisfy specific development competencies, which may be unavailable elsewhere

  • The opportunity to build and improve management and leadership skills

  • Work creatively and innovatively, by adapting existing skills and knowledge to different cultural and organisational requirements

The knock on effects for your organisation as a whole could be incredibly valuable, such as:

  • Improved experience, skills and knowledge base, leading to innovative thinking and stronger management/leadership

  • Opportunity to enhance corporate social responsibility and give something back to the community

  • Increased staff satisfaction, loyalty and engagement which can impact productivity

  • Enrich your organisations reputation through external recognition as a leader in staff development and cooperation

  • Providing added value to existing and potential clients and employees can set you apart from the rest

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This is an image of a quote from a supporting member