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Charities Buying Group

We are pleased to announce an alliance with the Charities Buying Group (CBG) which will give all Small Charities Coalition members access to discounts on a huge range of products and services.
Typical savings include: 

  • Quote from John Barrett

    Telecoms  (landline and mobile) - up to 35% discount
    Plus many more of your choice

  • Stationery - saving up to 35%

  • Printer Cartridges - saving up to 63%

  • Photocopier and Copy Costs - saving up to 34%

Who are the CBG?

The CBG was founded in 2002 by Michael Hodgetts whilst developing the purchasing strategy for Leonard Cheshire Disability as its Head of Purchasing. In 2009 the Group was purchased by its founder who is now CEO.

The CBG's mission has always been dedicated to helping smaller organisations save money by the collective power of its entire membership and irrespective of their size or function.

The CBG uses its purchasing expertise and the buying power of over 8,000 members to negotiate special discounts with suppliers and these are available to you. The service and advice is totally Free of Charge and you are under no obligation to take any offers or deals as the CBG are funded by their supplier network.

How it works

The CBG website has a 'Products and Services' category section where you can select your choice, view information and prices for many products. Where services require more thought you may request further information or make direct contact with the supplier or service provider. CBG has a dedicated adviser, Graham Loftus, to assist you with the best deals and help you find your way around the CBG members' area.

How to sign up

To allow your charity to harness the bulk purchasing power of thousands, either enter your details below and CBG will contact you direct, or visit their website and sign up there. When CBG ask where you heard about them, please mention Small Charities Coalition.

If you can't see the booking form below, don't worry, it's because your browser doesn't support the iframe that holds it. You can either upgrade your browser to the latest version and try again or just click the following link and it'll work a treat.

More info

For more information visit the CBG website or call Graham Loftus (CBG) on 07825 053014 and [email protected] or John (SCC) on 0207 358 6490.

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Please note: Small Charities Coalition selects and works carefully with its partners to deliver preferential member offers and discounts. Although we will confidently recommend our partners, a partnership is not an official endorsement from the Small Charities Coalition. We work hard to provide these offers and discounts and on occasions our partners will make a donation to the Small Charities Coalition which allows us to continue to deliver these and other great services to our members.

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