SCC – Sector Themed Meetup online 

Here at SCC, we know, these are difficult times and we are eager to make sure that small charities can survive for both now and into the future. To aid this effort and also to provide an opportunity for solidarity and networking, we are offering online zoom meetings for organisations, themed by specific areas. 

Each meeting will look at 

– The impact of COVID-19: how is it impacts your beneficiaries and the delivery of services

– Specific sector support and learning, including IT needs 

– Post COVID-19: what do we need to support and prepare, do we need new alliances and collaborations

We hope this will be a place, where you can find support and solidarity – a safe space to offload and also share ideas. Where you feel it appropriate, we will also be happy to support and represent your charity to government, funders and policy makers. 

The full schedule is below. When booking please click the on the most appropriate time slot to fit with your group.

Education: Adults and Children (Monday 30th March, 2pm – 3pm) 

Health or Saving of Lives (Monday 30th March, 3pm – 4pm)

Disability (Tuesday 31st March, 11am – 12 Noon) 

Prevention of Poverty, includes advice providers (Tuesday 31st March, 12 Noon- 1pm) 

Overseas Aid/Famine Relief (Tuesday 31st March, 1pm – 2pm)

Housing and Homelessness (Tuesday 31st March, 2pm – 3pm) 

Religion and Faith (Wednesday 1st April, 11am – 12 Noon) 

Arts/Culture/Heritage (Wednesday 1st April, 12 Noon – 1pm) 

Provide and Promote Science (Wednesday 1st April, 1pm – 2pm) 

Sport and Recreation (Wednesday 1st April, 2pm – 3pm) 

Animal Welfare (Thursday 2nd April, 1pm-2pm)

Environment and Conservation (Thursday 2nd April, 2pm – 3pm)

Community Development (Thursday 2nd April, 3pm – 4pm)

Economic Development (Thursday 2nd April, 4pm -5pm)

Support Services for the Armed Forces/Emergency Services (Friday 3rd April, 11am – 12 Noon)

Equalities (Friday 3rd April, 12 Noon – 1pm)