Last Updated: 27.03.2020, 03:57pm

Remote Working Guides

Our friends at CAST (Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology) are here to make sure you understand all things digital. Whilst not everyone is ‘digitally gifted’, their easy to use guides mean that you can be. Now that homes have turned into offices, it is important that you understand the basics. By getting to grips with Zoom, Google Hangouts and Skype you can stay connected, do your job and better serve the people who need you. CAST know everything tech and digital, so check out their fantastic guides here!

CAST Practical Guide to Remote Meetings

How to stay connected while working remotely

Getting started with Zoom

Getting started with Skype Video

Getting started with Google Hangouts


Online GDPR Training

To help small charities where we can during the COVID-19 crisis, a proud partner of SCC, VSL Consulting is providing online GDPR training free of charge up to 10 people per organisation to SCC members until 30th April. Thereafter the cost will revert to the special SCC members price of £6/person.

The training covers all key information on the GDPR that your staff, volunteers and trustees need. This will allow you to fulfil your lawful requirement to train your personnel on the GDPR and significantly reduce the chance of your charity having a data breach, or GDPR violation, with all the financial and reputational damage that will bring. A certificate of completion can be downloaded by each trainee at the end of the course and can be used in your defence if your charity is investigated by the ICO.

If this offer sounds like something you would be interested in being signed up, or you have additional questions, then please contact us at: [email protected] so we can verify your membership and pass your details to VSL, who will then set you up.

KindLink Marketplace

Companies and individuals are looking to help charities involved in the Covid-19 crisis resolution through the KindLink Marketplace. If you are a charity in this space, please take 5 minutes to post what you need support with. Whether you need more volunteers, gifts in kind, funds, or anything else, you can post a detailed call for help. KindLink will promote these calls for help to companies, individuals and in their online magazine to ensure you find the right support immediately.