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Headway East London, Kinoe & Tom Rigby

This is a photo of Tom Rigby Group Support in action

This group support was focused on online donations and brought together charities interested in exploring the options and learning from others. Tom Rigby, from Cancer Research UK facilitated the three sessions in which he not only shared his knowledge in the area but enabled the charities to swap their own experiences and advice. 

Liz Wingrove from Headway East London describes her experience 


The best part of being in this support group was getting the chance to compare notes with other charities. Often this was in regard to the course itself, i.e. how we would approach online fundraising. However, lots of other interesting matters also came up. It was encouraging to hear the experiences of other charities and also gave me a few good ideas to look at in future. I would definitely inform all members of the group if I found fundraising opportunities which might be of use to them.

Caroline Lister from Kinoe had a few other comments


I really found the group support really useful.  I work on my own from home, so it is quite isolating not really meeting people who are going through the same problems as you.  So this was enormously beneficial.  I also thought it was useful having the three meetings, as it made you really carry on doing it and thinking what things you could change.  I’m sure if there had been only one meeting, I would have made lots of notes and gone away and done nothing. All in all I really found the sessions really useful 

Two other group members support these statements, adding that 


The best part of the session was the group analysis and sharing other people's experiences (Juliet Carter, Vision International) [and that] the most useful part was hearing the different experiences from others (Tracey Ford, JAGS foundation).

Group completed in September 2011

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