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Laura Williams & her group

This is an photo of Laura Williams and her group in action

Last year, we launched our Group Support service to get small charities together to share and learn from each other’s experiences. Typically the groups are facilitated by a professional in the topic area.  Laura Williams, founder of The Thinking Well was one such professional who facilitated two regional groups of small charities. We caught up with Laura to hear her thoughts on the experience.

When asked why she was interested in taking part initially, Laura responded:

I was keen to practice my facilitation skills and to test a concept around content based action learning. I wanted to see how experiences from very different charities could be shared and made relevant.

Laura found the experience a useful one for a number of reasons

The main benefit was probably evidence of my theory that this type of learning could work. Since being involved another benefit has come about which has been a positive association with the Small Charities Coalition brand when talking to others in the sector.

Laura also learnt a lot, increasing her understanding of the sector and especially the smaller end of it.

Small charities are incredibly willing to help each other, and have a lot to offer each other too; they just need a format through which to do it. I improved my facilitation style and learned more about group energy and when a facilitator should intervene or just 'go with the flow'.

If you are interested in facilitating a group yourself, this is why Laura thinks you should get involved:

Because it's fun, you meet great and inspiring people; the Small Charities Coalition team are well organised, appreciative, intelligent and accommodating. It is a great opportunity to test ideas and formats in a challenging but welcoming environment.

Group completed in December 2010

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