Joining the Small Charities Coalition entitles you to a range of benefits. Membership is free and open to any UK-based charity with an annual income of under �1 million.

Read below to find out how we can help your charity.

Your free membership grants you:

  • Monthly bulletins full of practical tips and offers
  • Access to all our services
  • Access to our resources covering all areas of charity
  • The chance to contribute your views to influence national policy
  • Invitations to our events, trainings and UK Trustee events
  • Members offers and discounts on certain services and products
  • Use of  to post your board vacancies

To become a member your charity must:

1. Have charitable purposes that are defined under law as charitable [read more]

2. Have an annual income less than �1 million [read more]

3. Be registered or constituted in the UK [read more]

4. Be prepared to share your skills, experiences and resources with your fellow small charities and engage with the coalition whenever possible [read more]

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If you come from a larger charity, please consider signing up as a supporter for small charities.

Although small charities have an abundance of passion, drive and commitment, they often lack all the skills it takes to run a charity most effectively.

Small Charities Coalition aims to plug these skills gaps. Here is how you can help.

As a supporter you can:

  • Help a small charity work through a particular challenge or issue by sharing your skills and knowledge through our skills sharing and mentoring service.
  • Support a group of small charities facing challenges in a particular area of their work through our group support service.
  • Use to search for board vacancies and become a trustee. (N.B. anyone can use Trustee Finder service, you do not have to be a supporter to use it)

The benefits of being a supporter are:

  • Developing new skills as a mentor or advisor
  • The opportunity to use your skills in a new context or in a different way
  • Improved self-confidence through advising and supporting others
  • A chance to give something back by using the skills you already have

If you need help deciding where your skills might fit best, or would like to talk to us about supporting small charities in another way, please call us on 0207 358 6490  or email  [email protected].

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If you would like to involve your whole organisation in supporting small charities please follow this link.