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Eikon & Askar

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Nigel, Chair of Eikon, and Askar, Facilities Support Co-ordinator at DSC, met at our inaugural trustee speed recruiting event held in Trusteefair September 2011 (see more on the event here). Being the first of its kind, we were keen to know how they found it. Nigel explained the charity’s reasons for attending the event:

As a charity we were looking to strengthen and bring in new blood to our board, and I thought that the speed networking event was a good opportunity to meet some prospective new trustees. I found the experience very useful, it forced me to concisely sum up and explain what Eikon does and is all about in a couple of minutes.  Of the 6 or 7 people I spoke with I had two prospective matches.

Being on the other side of the fence, Askar came to event looking for opportunities to use his accounting and. finance knowledge.

I had never been to anything similar before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but really enjoyed meeting a really good bunch of people and being introduced to their causes.

So that was the event but did anything come of it? Here is what Nigel had to say:

Askar has gone on to become a valued member of our organisation. He has been a great asset [in our finance sub-committee], providing invaluable input at a time when we’re transitioning our financial accounts onto a new system with which he has previous and day to day hands-on experience.

Askar added:

I am very happy being on the bi-monthly finance sub-committee, I enjoy making valuable contributions in the meetings and the other members make me feel very welcome. It’s good to have an active role and get tasked with specific responsibilities.

The last thing left to be asked is would they attend another? And for both it was a resounding


Match made in September 2011

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