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Empowering Families & Jo Gage

This is a photo of small charity member Empowering Families in action. Click the image to visit their website

Empowering Families, a small charity that provides friendship, support and guidance to families in distress, came to the Small Charities Coalition looking for help with their fundraising strategy. We matched Heather Thomas from Empowering Families with Jo Gage, Head of Learning and Development at Cancer Research UK.

Now that their match has come to an end, we got in touch with Heather and this is what she said: 


Working with Jo has been invaluable personally and professionally. Through the questions and challenges she has put to me, she has taught me a great number of things, raising my standards, benefitting my charity and the people with I whom I interact.

When asked what impact this has had on Empowering Families and its beneficiaries Heather responded:

In the time Jo has been my mentor we have achieved several grants, developed the charity website, trialled various avenues for promoting the charity, and even redefined our charity vision

And what has the match meant to Heather?

I have found it tremendously helpful as part of my personal and professional development. Even my Board of Trustees can see the difference in me and the fruits of our labours, which is very encouraging.

Heather added:

I have felt safe and have faith in Jo herself as a person and a professional. I want to reciprocate this investment, if not for Jo, then for someone I might mentor.

Match completed in November 2011

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