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Tania Cohen and JAGS Foundation

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At the start of 2013, we set up a match between Tracey Ford, the Founding Director of the JAGS Foundation, and Tania Cohen, Director of Services and Enterprise at Charity Finance Group. The main focus of the match was support for JAGS Foundation, a small charity which addresses youth-on-youth violence, in developing their fundraising strategy.
At the start of the match, the charity highlighted the need for fundraising support and advice on developing a strategic plan towards their efforts. However, during Tracey’s cooperation with Tania, JAGS Foundation also pursued additional goals, focusing on broader planning and budgeting support.

Reflecting on her match experience as a small charity supporter, Tania said: 

We had 3-4 workshop style meetings where we worked through a problem or issue, such as developing a budget or a cash flow forecast. We also had email contact, sharing proposals, templates and ideas.

Through a number of face-to-face meetings and email communication, Tracey and Tania were able to strengthen the charity’s capacity and place it in a secure position to pursue further development. Tracey explained:

This has given the organisation much needed stability and is helping to make the organisation more sustainable to attract other funding.

Tracey said that in addition to strengthening the charity, she felt that working with Tania allowed her to develop her individual professional skills in a very encouraging environment:

Tania is incredibly supportive and giving of her time, knowledge and expertise which has helped me to further develop my skills and abilities to write successful bids.

For Tania, the match was a unique opportunity to use her skills and expertise in a voluntary setting. Commenting on her experience, Tania said:

I've had an opportunity to use my existing skills for a good cause.

Since the match came to a close, Tracey has now utilised her new skills, and has applied for several grants. As a result of this successful fundraising campaign, the charity?s income has increased substantially. JAGS Foundation is now ready to take the next step in its development and grow further.

Tracey told us about the great results of her recent fundraising efforts:

I increased my knowledge of writing bids and have increased our organisation’s income by 25K. I have submitted three applications and secured one grant towards core costs for 75K over three years, and 1 small grant for 2.5K to cover our CARE programme for vulnerable girls.

Match completed in May 2014

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