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Mathew Gilbert & Quest4Change

This is a photo of small charity member Woodford Foundation in action. Click the image to visit their website

Mathew Gilbert is the Development Director of the Woodford Foundation. Woodford Foundation was set up in 2003 to empower children and young people with a sensory disability in income-poor countries to become full and active participants within their families and communities. Matthew has been involved in several matches through the SCC, both giving and receiving support. We asked him to tell us a little about one of those matches who were having trouble with funding applications.

Heather from Quest for Change had a lot of theoretical knowledge about how to fundraise and approach trusts and foundations, but lacked experience actually doing it. Really with Heather, she knew it all already, but just needed a sounding board to see if she had the right idea. I helped by running through one of her letters and a proposal and made a few comments and recommendations.

Mathew also had plenty to say about the service as a whole, and why he thinks it's important to get involved:

I think that it is an excellent scheme as it helps to share skills and experience between like thinking organisations and people. I volunteer because small charities resources are usually limited, but what they have to offer is a wealth of expertise and experience. Sometimes we think that because we are small we cannot achieve change without a large investment in time or money, but as a collective we can network and cross fertilise, which may save us time and money, but will also help to build stronger bonds that might help us in the future.

Clearly Mathew's help was of great use, as Heather had this to say about the service:

It is so useful to have someone else working in the same sector share their experience and knowledge with you. It gives you more faith in your own work and ability.


Match completed in December 2010

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