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National Exotic Hedgehog Rescue & Tara Daynes

This is a photo of small charity member National Exotic Hedgehog Rescue in action. Click the image to visit their website

1. Name of your charity:

National Exotic Hedgehog Rescue

2. Name of your supporter:

Tara Daynes

3. The match need:

HR - how to deal with volunteer resignation

4. How long did your match last?

One off contact but we hope to keep Tara updated of our progress

5. What difference has the match made for your charity and its beneficiaries?

The match has given the rescue team who are all volunteers a knowledge of how to deal with a volunteer resignation situation and enabled us to make changes to our constitution. Importantly it has also boosted the team's moral during a difficult time

6. What would you recommend about the matching service to other charities?

What a great service, people helping others in a way that the person without the know-how can understand.

7. If you have any other comments please share them below

Keep up the good work!

Match completed in September 2012

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