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Purple Field Productions & Brian Seaton

This is a photo of small charity member Purple Field Productions in action. Click the image to visit their website

Elspeth is the founder and chair of Purple Field Productions, a charity making films for educational and humanitarian purposes. When she contacted the Small Charities Coalition, she was anxious to ensure the sustainability of the charity, heavily reliant as it was on a few people, largely unpaid. We matched her with Brian Seaton, an ex-NHS manager. Here is her account of the experience.

Elise (Service Coordinator) didn't just respond to our request automatically. She gave it careful thought and, as a result, got the right person for us. Brian, himself, was incredibly helpful and understanding - as well as having the experience and knowledge we needed. I had a very good telephone conversation with him and then an excellent meeting in Somerset, where PFP is based.

In Brian's words:

It was a perfect setting to have a stress-free wide-ranging discussion on the issues currently facing PFP and the options for addressing them.

Elspeth continues:

Brian's approach was such that not only did I gain knowledge, but also gained in confidence that we could do something about the problems. We have since been trying to put some of his recommendations into practice. I don't think it is going to be easy, but we didn't expect it to be - and, thanks to our meeting with Brian, we at least now know that we are likely to be on the right track.

We feel that we have had the benefit of some very good and, most importantly, appropriate help, for which we are all really grateful.

Brian's feelings about the match were similarly positive.

I felt that I'd had a great time experiencing Elspeth's hospitality and exciting vision for the way that film can make a real difference to perceptions of deprivation - and how to address them - particularly in developing countries. I hope that PFP got as much out of the match as I did.

Match completed in May 2011

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