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Project Harar & Meggie Chezsney

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Project Harar is a small charity for children in Ethiopia with facial disfigurements. This fast growing organisation was looking to expand quickly but in a sustainable way. Small Charities Coalition matched them with Meggie Chezsney, the Director at Child Health International, a health organisation that improves child healthcare in several countries.

It was great to learn from a medium-sized charity, about half million pounds bigger than ours, with projects in many countries. What we talked about most was governance and communicating to new trustees. We talked about forming partnership agreements with hospitals (MoUs) and general advice on fundraising and developing new staff. As a small charity that wants to grow fast, leap frogging a few steps if possible, the advice of a good medium-sized charity was particularly useful.

The most beneficial part for me was being able to work on our charity policies using Meggie's templates. We wrote a child protection policy swiftly and better knew how to convey it to staff properly. The interesting thing about that was their child protection policy was borrowed from a much bigger organisation, Save the Children. Having got advice from professional, well-established charities we're now applying what’s relevant to us.

Match completed in March 2009

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