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Richard Barron & Ackroyd Community Centre

Richard Barron was working with Beatbullying when he was matched with Ackroyd Community Centre, a charity that manages a Community Centre which delivers children and family services. They wanted support in putting their business plan together for future funding needs.

We asked Richard a bit about the match.

This is the first time I have done something like this (supporting a smaller charity). This experience on its own has given me a different perspective of how smaller charities actually function. From a personal point of view, my own skills have improved because of this exercise. I was able to apply them in a different setting away from my own organisation. I feel more confident in what I am doing now and in a way it gave me assurance about my current role.

Bigger charities already have a lot of skills and resources in possibly every area of charity management. When bigger charities do things like passing on skills and experience to smaller charities, it in turn does good for the entire sector. The bigger charities get a better understanding of the smaller charities which is useful in relooking at a few of the things we are already doing.

I feel a sense of satisfaction! Information which I was able to transfer has in turn made me feel reassured and more confident in what I am doing now in my current role.

And how did Ackroyd Community Centre feel about it?

The match was excellent! Richard mentored us through our business plan and provided us with face to face, e-mail and telephone support. Richard was very knowledgeable and showed a lot of commitment.


Match completed in March 2009

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