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St. Chad’s Sanctuary and Amy Saggers

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St. Chad’s Sanctuary, set up in 2010, is an organisation that offers emotional and practical support, English Language training and information on issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers in Birmingham.

In October 2014, Rachel Ward-Newton, Project Co-ordinator for St. Chad’s Sanctuary, contacted Small Charities Coalition requesting help to create a fundraising strategy for the charity.

Rachel explained the need for the match in the following way: 

We wanted to gain a better understanding of fundraising, how to research and be effective with restricted time and resources and feel more confident completing grant applications.

Rachel and St. Chad’s Sanctuary were then matched with Amy Saggers, Trusts and Foundations Manager at Toynbee Hall. Amy and St. Chad’s Sanctuary had an initial conference call to start the match and to set out their aims for their work together. The rest of the match was then done by email or phone keeping it low cost and time efficient for both sides.

Rachel described a few examples of the help that Amy gave her:

Amy provided an Excel template to use when conducting my own research. She also provided comprehensive lists of trusts supporting asylum seekers and refugees and also trusts and foundations supporting local charities in Birmingham. She gave us brilliant advice on the type of databases to use, where to go for more information and how to research other charities working with similar objectives to us to find out which trusts they had been successful in receiving support from.

Rachel went on to explain that this experience really helped improve her fundraising skills:

As a project co-ordinator at St. Chad’s Sanctuary, grant applications were new to me so receiving support from Amy made me feel more confident when researching grants. We felt supported by someone who had both the skills and knowledge needed for successful fundraising and this has helped us to be a more self-sufficient organisation.

Amy also informed us how she found her match with St. Chad’s Sanctuary:

I really enjoyed the mentoring experience. It has given me confidence as a fundraiser, and I really enjoyed learning about another charity in detail. I now feel able to mentor other charities in a similar way.

We were delighted to hear that one output from this match is that St. Chad’s Sanctuary completed their first small grant application with Amy’s help and they have since found out that this application was successful. Through their work with Amy they have also submitted a medium size grant bid which is pending a decision.

Amy recommended the matching service to other fundraisers telling us that:

The matching service really is a great opportunity for any fundraisers as it’s fantastic to be able to use your skills to help another charity, and it’s a really rewarding experience. You get to meet some interesting people from around the country too!.

Rachel concluded by telling us her views on this experience:

Although we did not speak weekly, we felt that Amy was always ready to offer her support and that the Small Charities Coalition were always available too. I would recommend it to charities that have the same limited resources and time as us, as it gave us invaluable support without the added cost!

Match completed in March 2015

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