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Urostomy Association & Melanie Nightingale

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In March 2010 Don Haines, National Fundraiser for Urostomy Association (UA), the national charity supporting people with a urinary diversion, got in touch with us requesting support in his fundraising work. Don was set up in a match with Fundraising Management Consultant Melanie Nightingale who very kindly offered to share her expertise voluntarily with UA.

The pair spoke over a period of six months via telephone and email and several months later, Don got in touch to share some good news with Melanie:

It’s been a good year! 2011 is our 40th Anniversary so I took up one of Melanie’s suggestions and launched a ‘Ruby Challenge’ appeal which resulted in 6,500 worth of direct debits being set up.

Don explained how useful his match with Melanie had proven for himself personally and for UA:

As I work for UA on a voluntary basis, other things occupy my life, so the ability to call on the expertise of someone experienced like Melanie was invaluable. Amongst other things Melanie made me realise the fact that the people most likely to support any kind of appeal would be our own membership. In addition, she taught me the value of direct debit giving, an idea that I built on to formulate our Ruby Pledge campaign. We now have in place ongoing pledges worth around 7000 a year to us.

We’re delighted to see a charity reaping the benefits of the practical help they have received through the matching service. Well done to both Don and Melanie for their hard work! To end on Don's words: 

Melanie, you are a delight to work with and your information has proved invaluable, many thanks.

Match completed in October 2010

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