Please note, these collaborative and preferential opportunities are only available to existing Small Charities Coalition members. To access these benefits and more, register free here.

Member Promos

Below is a list of affiliate organisations that we work with to deliver collaborative and preferential opportunities for our members. Please click on an organisation to find out more.

Blackbaud provides state-of-the art fundraising software specifically designed to help non-profits grow and deliver their mission.

Plug the Gap provides database marketing services and fundraising solutions working exclusively with small to medium sized charities.

CITA provides three FREE services to help charities be more effective through their use of technology.

Charities Buying Group (CBG) can help your charity to make better use of your money by tapping into their buying power.

The Directory of Social Change (DSC) is offering 20% off all DSC training courses, publications and funding website subscriptions.

UA are dedicated to the NFP sector saving 4million in energy costs over the last 2 years and can save you money with a free energy audit without cost or obligation.

Please note: Small Charities Coalition selects and works carefully with its partners to deliver preferential member offers and discounts. Although we'll confidently recommend our partners, a partnership is not an official endorsement from the Small Charities Coalition. We work hard to provide these offers and discounts and on occasions our partners will make a donation to the Small Charities Coalition which allows us to continue to deliver these and other great services to our members.

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