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Small Charities Coalition is building something unique. A network of small and large charities that can help and support one another by exchanging the skills, experience and resources your charity already has, with those that you don’t. Together, we are more effective. 

Your free membership grants you:

  • Monthly bulletins full of practical tips and offers specifically for small charities

  • Access to our services including 1-2-1 skills sharing and mentoring and group support sessions with staff and trustees from other small charities

  • Our help and advice services as well as resources covering all areas of charity from HR to online fundraising

  • The chance to contribute your views to influence national policy

  • Invitations to our events and training as well as UK Trustee events listings

  • Members offers and discounts on certain services and products

  • Use of  to post your board vacancies 

To become a member your charity must:

1. Have charitable purposes that are defined under law as charitable [read more]

2. Have an annual income less than 1 million [read more] If your income is over this, please consider being a supporter for small charities [read more]

3. Be registered or constituted in the UK [read more]

4. Be prepared to share your skills, experiences and resources with your fellow small charities and engage with the coalition whenever possible [read more]

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