Mergers & Closing Down

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CC34: Collaborative Working and Mergers 

Guidance from the Charity Commission for all charities who may be considering working in partnership or merging with other organisations. 
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Close or merge a charity 

If you are registered with the Charity Commission and plan to close your charity down or merge with another charity - simply complete the online forms. The Register of Charities' online application and update process is quick and easy.
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Making Mergers Work: Helping you succeed 

Useful guidance from the Charity Commission on how to make mergers work. This guide complements many of their other resources on mergers also listed here. 
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Step by Step Guides for Consortia Development 

NVCO has published free step-by-step guides for consortia development. They come with action plan templates for you to complete to track the progress of your development. 
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Mergers Made Simple 

This Sayer Vincent guide to mergers is for financial professionals working with charities .
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Mergers - A Good Legal Practice Guide 

The University of Liverpool's Charity Law Unit produced this useful practice guide to mergers.
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2013 Charity Merger Survey 

Mergers and acquisitions are fairly new to the charity sector. This report aims to probe how organisations are coping with merger, understand the components of "best practice" and decide what support might be needed to ensure good outcomes .
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Mergers Checklist 

Another Charity Commission tool to be used alongside their other guides on mergers. 
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