Skills sharing & mentoring

Our skills sharing and mentoring service matches small charities with individuals that can support them through a particular need or challenge. It might be checking over a funding bid, or working on a whole strategic review. The support may last only a few hours, or continue indefinitely.

In essence the service is as flexible and diverse as the people that make it work. Whether you are a small charity looking for support or an individual simply wanting to help, there are opportunities to suit everyone; to strengthen skills, build confidence and make a difference.

Support either comes from a fellow small charity member or from an individual volunteering their time and expertise. If you wish to receive help from the skills sharing and mentoring service you will be asked what other skills and resources your charity has so that one day you can help another charity in return.

This is an image of a quote from a small charity member that has used the service. The quote says "It’s so useful to have someone else working in the same sector

If you work for a small charity and would like help or advice in your role, read our 'information for small charities' and see how we can help you.

If you would like to use your skills to help small charities in a practical and flexible way, read our 'information for supporters' and sign up to volunteer through us.

If you represent a larger organisation and would like to learn more about skills-based volunteering opportunities for your staff, please read our 'information for organisations' to discover the benefits to your staff and organisation.

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