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Press Releases

25/05/2017 | Mandy Johnson to join Small Charities Coalition as CEO | [ link ]

24/02/2017 | John Barrett to step down as CEO of Small Charities Coalition | [ link ]

20/10/2016 | Small Charities Coalition Recruits New Chair and Trustees for Board | [ link ]

12/01/2016 | Small Charities Coalition Recruits for Policy & Public Affairs Manager | [ link ]

Press Quotes

June 2017 | Charity sector reacts to shock election result, Civil Society

John Barrett, chief executive of SCC, said:

Small charities are the lifeblood of our communities and we need to ensure that they are heard and responded to. Whilst the election result has increased political uncertainty, it is also an opportunity. This is a time for organisations speak up about the big issues they face and their vision for a better future.

We encourage small charities to make contact with elected members, whether arranging a meeting or visit with their local MP or engaging with political parties as this new government is formed. We also encourage all MPs to engage with these admirable organisations.

At Small Charities Coalition, we will continue to champion small charities’ voices, and the value of the voluntary sector, to ensure the systems they operate in let them get on with their vital work.

19 May 2017 | Charity representative bodies publish briefing for next government, Civil Society

John Barrett, chief executive of SCC, said:

Small charities frequently find the barriers to engaging too high. Now is a vital time for collaboration across the sector to ensure that these voices are heard, and that the positive difference charities make within society is recognised. We are encouraging all political parties and the new government to ensure they take a strategic approach to engaging with these small but vital organisations.

15 Jun 2017 | Charities congratulate Tracey Crouch on appointment as charities minister, Civil Society

Small Charities Coalition: ‘It’s important to communicate clearly’

John Barrett, chief executive of SCC, said:

We are pleased to welcome Tracey Crouch into her new role, and are meeting with her in due course to discuss the challenges facing small charities.

With the recent confusion around ministers, it’s so important that the government communicates clearly with smaller organisations, who often struggle to know who to go to to make their voices heard. We hope that the significant role that civil society plays in building community, contributing to the economy and supporting public services will be better recognised by government and responded to.”