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1. Have charitable purposes that are defined under law as charitable

Whether registered or not, your charity must have purposes (aims or activities) all of which are exclusively charitable. The Charities Act defines a charitable purpose, explicitly, as one that falls within the Acts 13 descriptions of purposes and is for the public benefit.

Read the Charity Commission’s Guidance on Charitable Purposes

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2. Have an annual income less than �1 million

We define a ‘small’ charity as any charity that has an income of less than �1 million per year.

If your charity’s income fluctuates above and below the �1 million annual income threshold, then you may still apply to be a small charity member.

If your annual income is consistently above �1 million please register as a supporter instead.

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3. Be registered or constituted in the UK

Your charity must be based within England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales. Your charitable work can be outside the UK but your main place of contact must be in the UK.

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4. Be prepared to share your skills, experiences and resources with your fellow small charities and engage with the coalition whenever you can

This condition is at the heart of what the Small Charities Coalition is about and is what sets us apart from other membership organisations.The coalition fosters its support from its members and supporters and relies on the skills, experience and resources that already exist within the sector.

The basic condition for membership is that you must be open to the ethos of sharing what you have, passing on experience and knowledge and engaging with other charities whenever possible. Certain services e.g. the skills matching services allows you demonstrate this directly. On other occasions it might be simply responding to a survey or attending an event.

Simply put, you must be prepared to help your fellow small charity.

So that we can engage with you, and you can engage with us, we ask that you receive all communications from us (not third party) and do not unsubscribe.

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If you still have questions regarding membership please email us a  [email protected]  or call 0207 358 6490.