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Help a small charity…

Although small charities have an abundance of passion, drive and commitment, they often lack all the skills it takes to run a charity most effectively.

Small Charities Coalition aims to plug these skills gaps.

We’re like a voluntary sector matchmaking service, matching small charities with people and organisations (large and small) that have the skills, experience, and in some cases resources, that the small charity lacks.

There are a number of ways for you and/or your organisation to share your skills, experience and resources with a small charity. Read the information below to discover the opportunity that best suits you.

When you’ve decided you’d like to register to help a charity, click sign up below and tell us which services appeal to you and what skills and resources you’d like to share with a small charity. We’ll be in touch shortly afterwards.

If you’re unsure which service might work best for you, or need help deciding where your skills might fit best, then call us on 0207 358 6490 or email [email protected]