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Why become a trustee?

Photo from the Oakwood Youth Club
Photo from International Otter Survival Fund
Photo from the Big Hug Foundation

Trusteeship is one of the most important roles in the voluntary sector. Trustees give direction to a charity and are ultimately responsible for its activities. There are lots of small charities working for diverse causes who could really benefit from the time and skills you could offer them as a trustee. Above you'll find images of some of the small charities we work with.

What are the benefits of becoming a trustee?

  • Put your skills and experience to use and make a lasting difference to a cause you care about

  • Learn about the management and strategy side of charities by taking on a leadership role

  • With generally 4 compulsory annual meetings, it’s the perfect volunteering opportunity for busy people

  • Work with new and interesting people from diverse background

  • The experience will enhance your CV and may open doors to new career paths

How can I find out more?

For useful things to consider in an interview: Guardian

For the essential guide: Charity Commission

For blog articles on trusteeship: KnowHow NonProfit

Where to find opportunities: Trustee Finder or list of other places

Extra information for younger trustees: Guardian Voluntary Sector Q&A and Young Charity Trustees

And if you still have questions: Volunteer Centre Camden 


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