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#LondonGivesBack Campaign

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The Small Charities Coalition and the London Community Response Fund have teamed up to create the #LondonGivesBack Campaign to encourage Londoners to make regular donations to help keep small charities in the capital alive.

Of the 6076 charities registered in London, 55% of these have an income of less than £29,600 – the average UK salary. Many small charities have seen devastating losses to their income and services. The Small Charities Coalition recently conducted a survey and found 70% of small charities said they had seen a significant fall in income since the start of the pandemic. 77% responded that they have been up to 50% increase in demand for their services.

With an increase in demand, huge losses of income, an inability to fundraise, a lack of support from government, competition with larger charities for donations from the public, London's small charities are struggling.

London Gives Back has been created by Neck of the Woods Productions. It highlights the work of 7 London based charities, with the central theme of giving back running through it in the form of a poem. The Small Charities Coalition commissioned LGBTQI+ Poet Laureate Trudy Howson to create a poem that details the power of what charities do and the benefits of giving back. The film illustrates the resilience of small charities and the individuals who run them.

Craig McDougal, Director at Neck of the Woods said “Meeting everyone and seeing the passion and drive they have for helping their communities was so inspiring. That being said, hearing about all the new challenges that have been thrown their way, on top of everything they already had to deal with, was deeply concerning. Small charities are made up of the best of us, so being able to make a film that will help them to keep making a difference was a privilege. The London Giving Back Campaign isn’t just a hashtag or trend, it’s a fact that we must do more. For everyone that can, please support a small charity near you."

The London Gives Back Campaign is a pilot initiative to encourage more Londoners to consider making a regular donation to a small charity. The Small Charities Coalition will be building on this campaign throughout 2021 and expanding it across the UK.

To donate to any of the charities featured click here

All proceeds raised will be equally distributed between the charities featured in the film - SCC is acting as the host and not receiving any funds from the campaign.



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