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Small Charity Week 2020 - Appreciation Day

Updated: May 29, 2020

This year Small Charities Coalition want pay tribute to the incredible work of the individuals who work tirelessly to keep their small charity going.

It is essential to our collective well being that we understand that Small Charities contribute enormously to both the immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the long term recovery from it. None of the work would be possible without the determination, hardworking and commitment of the volunteers and staff behind small charities. That is why this year we want to pay a special tribute and recognise the achievements of all those who have continued their efforts and to those who have been personally affected by COVID-19.

How it works: In the run up to Appreciation Day, we need small charities to share their thanks by emailing their Appreciation stories to You can also get in touch by using the hashtag #AppreciationDay

Let’s show our appreciation! We want as many people to be recognised as possible, so we encourage you to spread.

  • For Twitter include: @SCweek2020 #AppreciationDay

  • For Instagram include: smallcharityweek #AppreciationDay

  • For Facebook – You can either contact SCC directly to have your appreciation story shared on the day, or post on our wall with a photo included.

To be kept up to date with all Small Charity Week news make sure you are signed up to the Small Charity Week mailing list by emailing us and follow @SCWeek2020 on Twitter.


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