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Muslim Charities Forum

The Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) is the network of Muslim charities in the UK – they represent a range of Muslim charities delivering social good at home and abroad. Their work aims to improve coordination between charities to share good practice, raise matters of mutual concern and improve our collective impact. 

Ramadan activities this year are going to be severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Given the emergency situation, they will be continuing the work they have done in response to coronavirus during Ramadan. As soon as COVID-19 started to severely impact the UK, they stopped their normal activity and redirected efforts to support the Muslim charity sector in this unprecedented time. When this crisis began, MCF recognised the necessity of immediate and well-coordinated action. They spoke with all of their members and a number of other UK-based Muslim charities, organisations and representative/umbrella groups, and decided that now was the time for collective and unified action.

As a result, they launched the Campaign for National Solidarity.The campaign is a realisation of the vision that, in unity, we can more effectively support the most vulnerable within our society. MCF can more effectively coordinate with each other and ensure those in need get the necessary financial support and that volunteer groups on the ground get the resources required to support families and individuals facing hardship. We are sharing knowledge and resources whilst highlighting the inspiring stories we hear of individuals and organisations supporting their local communities in this time of crisis.


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