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Women and Manual Trade + Procure Plus - The Positive News - The Women's Edition

WAMT works with employers to make tradeswomen in the UK the norm, not the exception.

Procure Plus are a non-for-profit company that specialises in the procurement of services and goods, relating to the maintenance and repairs of social housing.

In 2018 Women and Manual Trade became a subsidiary charity of Procure Plus.

The WAMT objective is to significantly address the underrepresentation of women tradespeople. In order to achieve this, they work with building trades and construction industry employers to help them recruit and retain many more tradeswomen as a response to the current serious skills shortage, in order to achieve a better gender balance between their employees working on the tools.

With only 2% of women working in trades in construction, companies must harness the power and skills of women to help address the skills crisis within the construction industry.

Historically, manual trade has been a male dominated profession, but WAMT and Procure Plus are trying to change this.

- Their approach is threefold: working with industry employers to help recruit and retain many more tradeswomen as a response to the current serious skill shortage,

- Creating trade specific Facebook groups which will regularly post trade jobs for women

- Working with a range of partners to grow the National Network of Tradeswomen. This allows women working on the tools around the UK to be in touch with each other, in touch with Procure Plus, and in touch with people who want to engage with them.

Local employment groups (LEGS) support the pathway to identifying potential candidates then Procure Plus work in partnership with these LEGS to get candidates employment ready.

For more information on Procure Plus and WAMT click here.



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